SDCC Necro Klaw

SDCC Suckadelic X Musclethings Laboratories Exclusive Flesh Necro Klaw. Be sure to stop by DKE Booth 5045 to pick yours up for only $15 Tax Included.

Flesh is an exclusive color to SDCC and will not be available at however exclusive color variants will be available with more news soon right here at the Lab.

7 thoughts on “SDCC Necro Klaw

  1. killin me! buy one for me and then ill buy it back from you- cuz i can’t make it out there this year and ya keep punchin me in the face with these sweet posts!!! haha…but seriously- if ya have a spare 15 in the pocket, buy one for me and ill compensate ya brother. if not- i understand. all good!

      1. Haha, I feel you Douglass. If you can’t make it out to the Con and don’t know anyone who can stop by Booth 5045 to pick one up for you just email Dov send him your 15 plus shipping and he will likely hold one for you if they don’t sell out. His contact info is on the home page at

        1. You are most excellent! I will be contacting the dude and impatiently waiting for those colored. Thanks man

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