SDCC Exclusive

Suckadelic & Musclethings Laboratories Soft Plastic Necro Klaw SDCC Exclusive. Be sure to stop by Booth 5045 and get yours!

9 thoughts on “SDCC Exclusive

  1. someone has been busy! how many of those did you make?!?
    one of these years I plan on making it down to comic con san diego

    1. That’s 100 Necro Klaws Brother, and btw we have some new sculpts coming from you in Muscle World Order Sealed Boxes! Can’t wait myself!

  2. save one of the necros for me if you have some left over after the show brutha….. and another “Oh Hell Yeeahhaaaa” on the MWO’s……

  3. For those of you trying to score Necro Klaws the only place to get them is SDCC at the DKE booth 5045. I would hook you up if I could but I don’t have any. Thanks Brothers and Sisters!

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