Freddyball Souls


He glows awesome too! Enjoy your Fiend Klub Exclusive Freddyball Souls! Here he is in beautiful Glow in the Dark Safari Sand.

btw, the shirts are taking a little longer than expected so they are on the house! The rest of your Fiend Packs are ready to ship now ;) Enjoy!

9 thoughts on “Freddyball Souls

  1. Haha, no April Fools but your Fiend Pack shipped out today USPS Douglas and it’s on it’s way to you now ;) Enjoy Brrother!!

  2. hell yeah man.. i thought id say something since Eric Nilla played got everyone with a flash sale thread on LRG’s forum.
    hahahaha. damn Nilla

  3. Dude. Got both the order I placed and the fiend pack, same time today. The bonus figures….. Jeez man, you didn’t have to do that. I’ve had a b?ner since then……hahaha. Thank you man. For the product, not the b?ner. Haha….
    Not sure if it’s just you, Alec, or a team or however it works, I don’t know, but ruling supreme is these musclethings…

  4. Any suggestions on displaying your shells? I don’t want to break the punch and can’t think of anything else to do….

  5. Hey thanks man, well for display I’ve just been leaning them up against stuff, but I do plan on getting one or two metal racks to hang them on but yeah we would have to break the punch, but I’d do it just cuz they’d look cool hanging on a rack.

    Cheers to a good Friday night Brother ;)

  6. Maybe in the next month or so, it would be possible for you to sell me some empty shells- so I could still have some unpunched…. I’d pay whatever, I don’t care. I’ll get ahold of you soon about it.

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