18 thoughts on “Fiend Pack 1

  1. Okay I am making 3 Fiend Pack 1′s so your first in line brother.. great going! You are awesome ;)

    1.Douglas Quinn
    2. Eric Janicki

  2. Medium on the shirt size if possible, brother. If it’s not, that’s cool, just thought I’d let you know. I’ll take whatever I can get….. Your product f…..g rules man.

  3. Thanks bro, I got you on the medium and btw those are two separate shirts so let me know which you prefer with your pack Brrother!

    1. I’ll have the one pictured on the left. I want everyone to know I’m a MuscleThings Fiend. Haha…. I work with direct to garment digital printers, so that is really cool for me that you are doing some t shirts. How much extra for the other shirt too?
      I’m down for both, honestly.

    1. Thanks Halfaway! Guys this is 1/2away. He’s a creative designer here at the laboratory and he co-designed Freddy 3.0 and designed 75% of the figures here at the site. Thanks for what you do 1/2away!

  4. Awesome Stuff. Put me down for for the same. I am a xxl by the way and would like both shirts as well. Love the Freedyballs man. I was wondering do you make molds and cast for other people. I have about 4 sculpts slightly smaller than madballs that I want casted in a GID rubber. Keep up the killer work, I can’t wait to see whats next.


    1. Okay will do and I will keep you updated here. Yes actually I do collabs when my time allows me to. I should have more time soon hopefully. You can send me the photos of your stuff to my email at musclethings@gmail.com and I will check it out. Thanks

    1. The screen printing thing has turned into a fiasco brother. I spent alot of money trying to get them printed but believe it or not it’s harder than making figures. That’s why I did not charge you for the shirts. So you didn’t lose any money. I did though. Plus I am slammed out busy gearing up for San Diego Comic Con. Thanks for the interest.

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