In Store Now

Evil F.O.O.T. #2 tops 100 dollars on open market. This run is now 100% Sold Out. The remaining stock of this exclusive MUSCLE Flesh run is in store now.

#4 of 10 is Sold (that was fast!) and ships Oct 20th. I am putting #s 1 and 3 in store now. Good Luck!

#1 of 10 & 10 of 10 are Sold. Score! Happy Halloween and Congratulations on your 1 of 10 & 10 of 10 Evil F.O.O.T.s in MUSCLE Flesh!

#3 of 10 is Sold Congrats on your super low number Flesh Evil F.O.O.T. Right in time for Halloween!

#9 of 10 is Sold Congrats and enjoy October with your official Flesh Evil F.O.O.T.!

Evil F.O.O.T. in MUSCLE Flesh is Officially SOLD OUT. Congratulations to the winners and Happy Halloween!

All FOOTs have been shipped USPS in 8x4x4inch box as of today Oct. 20th and are on their way to you. Enjoy!

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