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F.K. Junior

This is one of my favorite toys right here!!

I was playing with my Freddy Klaw and my Minikins and noticed that Freddy was much bigger than the small Minikins so we made a Junior Freddy Klaw. He came out poppin and fits in great with smaller scale figures. We will be exploring the Junior Class scale more here at the Lab. More soon ;)

F.K. Junior

Attention Laboratory Universe! Freddy Klaw has been shrunken down in the lab to junior scale. Our trusty assistant Fritz informs us that F.K. Junior will be celebrating his 1st Birthday here at the site in just a few days. Here are a few words from MuscleThings himself.

“I didn’t mean to have that 13th Beer. I accidentally spilled the shrinking potion on Freddy Klaw as I struggled to hold on to my last tall bottle of lab brew while being reprimanded by Fritz that “I shouldn’t be drinking in the lab” and that “I knew better”. I shrugged my shoulders and played dumb and couldn’t quite tell if it was effects from my intoxication or not as we watched Freddy Klaw shrink down to Junior scale.”

“Anyway it’s a marvelous disaster because F.K. Junior and Freddyball Souls are now tied as our favorite toys from the lab!!”

Get your F.K. Junior before he grows back to original scale and kicks the shit out of Muscle Things. But that’s another episode.

Thanks for tuning in Laboratory Universe and more F.K. Junior news and photos coming soon!

Freddyball Souls


He glows awesome too! Enjoy your Fiend Klub Exclusive Freddyball Souls! Here he is in beautiful Glow in the Dark Safari Sand.

btw, the shirts are taking a little longer than expected so they are on the house! The rest of your Fiend Packs are ready to ship now ;) Enjoy!