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Mad Klaw in Production


Production is in gear and estimated for mid December with more news here only at musclethings .. dot com!

News Flash: We interrupt this broadcast for an instant Nitroballs News Update. Okay for all my Nitromaniacs, the next release here at musclethings laboratories is The Brain, ball #3 of 3 in Nitroballs Wave 1. Expect him Dec. 7th with more details coming, followed up by Hollywood 2.0 and Freddy Ball in Wave 2. And I will surprise you guys and gals with the 3rd ball in Wave 2 soon enough. Enjoy your Saturday ;)

here is a quick recap of the Nitroballs line up so far…

Wave 1:
1. Klawball
2. Afred E. Nitro
3. The Brain

Wave 2:
1. Hollywood 2.0
2. Freddy Ball
3. to be announced soon