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The Brain

Attention all Nitromaniacs Ball #3 of 3 in Nitroballs Wave 1, The Brain will be available in High Octane Edition this Saturday Dec. 7th at 10AM PT. It’s so cool ;) It looks and feels like a real jelly brain (and very intelligent). Niiitro!

Muscle Labs & Cheaptoyland

mlctlexconceptMy buddy Cheaptoyman of was the one who came up with the idea for Klawball. Next to the header art is the first concept art CTM drew up. In celebration of this collaboration we are releasing a limited run of 10 High Octane Cotton Candy Klawballs. Enjoy the header art and stay tuned for more info regarding the release date.

High Octane Klawball


Here are baby’s first pics ;) All his details are there (my cell can’t pic them up). He already starts glowing even in ambient light and in full darkness he glows amazingly! I am in love with White Magic rubber. I really can’t say enough about the texture, feel, and squeeze of it. Nitro!

Klawball ~ Header Art

front back
There are 3 Nitroballs in Wave 1. The first in the bunch Klawball will be in the store this Wednesday Nov.6th at 11:00am PST. All of them will be High Octane Edition Glow in the Dark Blueberry. The glow is so awesome. I will leave it for you all to see for yourselves but I will say it’s bright, electric, and full of zing. Btw, I must say that they look luxurious ;) They have a cool shine to them, almost a waxy look, and they feel great when you squeeze ‘em. The flex has a very Madball like resistance (nice and firm) Make sure to get Klawball so you guys and gals can complete wave 1 on time. :)