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Video Nasteez by Illuminatoys

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Happy Holidays mini figure universe. Check it out; Myself, Midas Wilder and Jim Rogers (the sculptor responsible for the Nasty Nick figure) have been working feverishly on the new Video Nasteez mini figure line. Hailed as Awesome B-Movie Horror Heroes you wish you had in the 80′s and 90′s, the Video Nasteez have the perfect retro premium toy feel and look, thanks to the outstanding professional craftsmanship of Jim Rogers. Rogers, a renowned sculptor who fully understands the nuances of the time period, has honed his talents over decades by doing work for Kenner, Disney, Warner Bros and Dreamworks. He sculpted the original four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (articulated figures), and is also responsible for the original Starting Line-up figures that were popular back in the late 1980′s.

Be sure to look for the Video Nasteez print ad in the upcoming issue of Shock Cinema Magazine. For an in depth look at the line please check out the Lunchmeat Magazine blog. Currently, there are 3 figures fully realized, with a forth one being shipped by Jim as we type. Video Ted, RawED Rex, and Hollywood Chainsaw Hooker. You can find them here at the Illuminatoys Store As Video Ted says “Get Em While Supplies Last!” More soon…