In Store Now

Evil F.O.O.T. #2 tops 100 dollars on open market. This run is now 100% Sold Out. The remaining stock of this exclusive MUSCLE Flesh run is in store now.

#4 of 10 is Sold (that was fast!) and ships Oct 20th. I am putting #s 1 and 3 in store now. Good Luck!

#1 of 10 & 10 of 10 are Sold. Score! Happy Halloween and Congratulations on your 1 of 10 & 10 of 10 Evil F.O.O.T.s in MUSCLE Flesh!

#3 of 10 is Sold Congrats on your super low number Flesh Evil F.O.O.T. Right in time for Halloween!

#9 of 10 is Sold Congrats and enjoy October with your official Flesh Evil F.O.O.T.!

Evil F.O.O.T. in MUSCLE Flesh is Officially SOLD OUT. Congratulations to the winners and Happy Halloween!

All FOOTs have been shipped USPS in 8x4x4inch box as of today Oct. 20th and are on their way to you. Enjoy!

Main Event Series 1

IntroducingEvil F.O.O.T. MWO Main Event Series 1 Figure 1. He is from a numbered edition of 10 in M.U.S.C.L.E. Flesh. MWO Main Event Series 1 is finally here. The Series is looking strong with a variety of talent included. Special thanks to Halfaway for Face one of my personal favorites. He’s sporting Terri-Bull’s face on the inside of his elbow. Sick placement by Halfaway. The figures are in production as we speak. Look for flesh figures coming soon!


Freshly mutated from the Lab and fresh out of extreme training is the chunky FingerBat! He is made in a Numbered Edition of 10 in M.U.S.C.L.E. Flesh. Stock will be added to the store as it becomes available.

Bats 4-6 will be stocked Sept 19th. Congrats on your bats!

Also in related MWO news expect sculpts from Muscle Labs Creative Artist Halfaway! More news on how to secure a full box coming soon!

Muscle World Order


I am pleased to tell you that MWO Series 1 figure 1 is on the horizon and soon will be right here at the Laboratory Store with an ETA of mid September. Also, before that there will be a another MWO product coming out. But more on that on the next post. Until then folks.